Proposed New Woolworths Supermarket Agreement 2012

Following extensive negotiations with Woolworths, the SDA has finalised a proposed new National Enterprise Agreement. After a consideration period, Woolworths Supermarket employees will be asked to vote on the proposed Agreement by a ballot conducted in store.

If the proposed Agreement is endorsed by a majority of employees it will commence operation seven days after it is approved by Fair Work Australia, and will operate until 30 June 2015.

Once the Agreement commences operation, Woolworths has agreed to backpay the first wage increase on existing classifications from the first pay period in July.

As a result of the transition of Woolworths Supermarket Liquor departments to the BWS brand, this agreement does not apply to employees in the Liquor Department. Liquor Department employees will vote on a separate Agreement specific to them.

Except for the length of the Agreement, the wages and conditions in the Liquor Agreement are the same as in the proposed Woolworths Supermarkets National Agreement 2012. Liquor Department employees should consult the supplementary Woolworths Liquor summary document for further information about their proposed Agreement.

Any questions about the proposed new Agreement should be directed to your SDA Delegate, Store Manager or SDA Organiser.

Some of the major changes in the proposed Agreement and commitments made by Woolworths are:

- 9.34% (or $68.83 per week) wage increase for a full time adult Grade 2 employee over the three year term of the Agreement.

- Public holiday rate of pay for work performed on Easter Sunday. 

- Improvements in rates of pay for Apprentices aged 25 years or older. 

- Changes to existing classification structure.

- Improved rest pauses. Rest pauses will be increased to 15 minutes, including walking time. 

- Increases to existing allowances.

- More paid compassionate leave for permanent employees.

For a full list of the propsed changes please see your SDA Delegate, Store Manager or SDA Organiser.